Elementary Discipleship

by Stephen Sams and Josh Romano

Jesus is the single most important influencer to ever step foot on our world.
As a healer, He came to bring wholeness and health.
As a savior, He came to make a way back to God.
As a leader, He pushed against the status quo.
As a teacher, He stirred imaginations, gripped hearts, and transformed lives.

An invitation awaits all of us to be His students, to follow in His footsteps, to join Him in His redemptive work here on earth.

This book is a leap back into the elementary tools and teachings Jesus used to replicate His character, patterns, and desires in the lives of everyday people like you and me. Whether you are taking an initial step toward exploring the person of Jesus, looking to step into greater maturity, or wanting to help others in their journey as students of Jesus, we hope this guide serves you well.

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