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Lamassu Falling

- A Novelette of Ancient Assyria in the Days of Jonah
 Format: Paperback  Author: Arturo R. Ortiz  Category: Christian Fiction  Published: May 7, 2024  ISBN: 9781632966520  Pages: 112  Buy on Amazon

In the ancient and mighty nation of Assyria, a shadow of doom descends as plagues and wars grip the land. The great city of Nineveh faces a perilous threat, as a ruthless and power-hungry pagan plots to seize control and make himself ruler. The heavens themselves portend an ominous future for Nineveh. Amidst this unfolding chaos, a prophet of the God of Israel emerges, warning the Ninevites that the city is destined to fall in a mere forty days, beginning a war of the gods.

Caught in the midst of these divine struggles are the beautiful daughter of Nineveh’s governor and an Assyrian war hero who has grown disheartened with the gods of his homeland.

As violence erupts in Nineveh, cruel pagans force families to sacrifice their children to the heathen gods. In the face of impending disaster, the true power of the divine is about to be revealed, and the fate of Nineveh and the entire Assyrian nation rests in the hands of those who dare to choose their path amidst the chaos. The governor must decide if he will defy the pagan usurper and embrace the God of Israel, or will Assyria crumble under the weight of its own gods? The answers lie within the tumultuous journey that unfolds in this gripping tale of faith, war, and destiny.

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