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The Lion in the Thicket

 Format: Paperback  Author: Will Tolar  Category: Christian Fiction, Fiction  Published: December 6, 2022  Pages: 174  Buy on Amazon  Amazon  Barnes & Noble

After a tragedy and a strange turn of events, Paul Schaffer takes a new job at a nursing home. There, he meets John Hunt, an aging patient and former contract killer who tells Paul his life story about coming home to his Mamaw’s farm in Louisiana after being betrayed and nearly dying. On the farm, mysterious things begin to happen as Mamaw stirs John’s heart with conversations about God as a lion who calls from a thicket. With John Hunt’s troubled past, who can break through and touch his heart? Will the darkness that John was born into overtake him or does heaven have a plan in mind? Is his story the ramblings of a man suffering from dementia, or could the supernatural really present itself in the natural? This story of the lion in the thicket will challenge theologians and the progressive reader alike. It’s a beautiful invitation to overcome life’s sorrows and find redemption.

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