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The Trinity Diet

- Lifestyle Balancing - Body, Soul and Spirit
 Format: Paperback  Author: Ccn Ctn Steeves, Steve  Category: Business, Life  Published: February 1, 2013  ISBN: 1935909649  Pages: 176  Buy on Amazon

The Trinity Diet

Lifestyle Balancing Body, Soul and Spirit

* This is not just a diet or a menu planning program but an everyday lifestyle.
* The Trinity Die helps remove the confusion about what and how much to eat.
* Food and lifestyle are the principal reasons people are toxic and sick today.
* The Trinity Diet is one of the most prophetic and encouraging words on the topic of life, health, and nourishment.

“Bringing together mind, body, and spirit; integrating head, heart, and hands is what Steve and Amy Steeves bring forth in The Trinity Diet.” They combine physiology, psychology, and pharmacognosy to restore, enhance, and maintain good health with wisdom and compassion.”

-Russ Jaffe MD, Ph.D., CCN

“I was once medication dependent now I am medication and symptom free and was able to conceive our ¬first child! I am forever grateful for the revelation and principles of the Trinity Diet.”

-Joyce Burcaw

“I have overcome heart disease, high blood pressure and angina pain. I am living a truly abundant healthy life as I walk in obedience to God and follow the Trinity Diet lifestyle.”

-Stephen Lilly”

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