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Virtual Leadership

- The Essential Principles for Remote Work
 Format: Paperback  Author: Bart Banfield  Category: Business  Published: October 20, 2020  ISBN: 978-0-9962441-5-2  Pages: 124  Buy on Amazon

How do you lead employees well when you don't physically work with them?
In Virtual Leadership, Bart Banfield simplifies the complexities of working and leading in a twenty-first-century remote work environment. Through these pages, you will learn:
• How to influence those you lead in a virtual work environment
• Why change within the workplace is inevitable
• The benefits of health and wellness in the virtual work environment
• How to create a culture of coaching within your organization
• Why self-awareness matters and makes you a better virtual leader
The world’s workforce is changing rapidly, and businesses must evolve or risk getting passed by. Virtual Leadership will show you concrete principles of effective leadership for the twenty-first century.

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