Lab Rats Can’t Say No

by Jeffrey Alan John

Many futurists predict a wondrous world of tomorrow: flying cars, space colonies, and ready-made, delicious meals that pop out of machines. Lab Rats Can’t Say No: A Story in the Future, suggests a more restrained reality as the gap widens between those who have and those who don’t.

In Lab Rats Can’t Say No, follow a man of the foreseeable future whose obsessive search for the truth about a murder drags him to the depths of society. He discovers that applied science has enabled fabulous enhancements in lifestyle and health for a wealthy and select segment of society. Meanwhile, the powerless common people muddle along in featureless lives.

Within this world, you’ll discover:

  • Delightfully colorful personalities in all layers of society
  • Fantastic technologies that overlay humanity, while human beings interact for good-and evil
  • Cause for optimism as humanity faces this challenging future

Lab Rats Can’t Say No illustrates the coming tensions between humanity and technology. It will be up to future generations to determine the accuracy of its vision.


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